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PCITS Personal Data Protection Policy

PCITS Pvt. Ltd. has a Personal Data Protection Policy, and the purpose of this document is to inform about the way your data is collected, used and managed by the company. This is the subject to Singapore Personal Data Protection Act.

When you provide us the information for any purpose, you authorize PCITS and its representatives to use, disclose of share your personal data amongst themselves. You also authorize the company to disclose such personal data to the authorized service providers of the companies and the relevant third parties as per the norms of Personal Data Protection Policy. This policy may supplement but not supersede or replace any of the consents, which you may have provided to PCITS in regard to your personal data.

The personal protection policy may be updated by PCITS, which ensures that it is consistent with the trends prevalent in the industry or any other changes in the legal or regulatory requirements. As far as the subject to your rights at law is concerned, you agree to be bound by the terms of Personal Data Protections Policy, as updated time to time on our website.

Collection of Personal Data

Personal Data is collected from you or your authorized representatives from publically available sources in the following ways:

1. hen the form is submitted by you for sending a query or other forms related to our services

2. When there is an interaction between our customer service team, which may be through telephonic calls, letters, face-to-face meetings and emails.

3. When our web services are used by you. For instances, logins on our websites.

4. When we receive a request from you to contact you to be included in our mailing lists.

5. When our marketing representatives and customer service team contact you.

6. When the references are received by us from business partners and third parties. For example, the instances in which you have been referred by them.

7. When you submit your Personal Data to us for any other reasons.

It should be ensured by you that all Personal Data by you submitted to us is complete, accurate, true and correct. If you fail on your part, it may result in our inability to provide you with the products and the services that you have requested.

What is the Purpose for the Collection, Use and Disclosure of Personal Data?

PCITS collects and may use and reveal your Personal Data for the following purpose:

1. For responding to your queries and requests.

2. For managing the administrative and business operations of PCITS and for complying with internal policies and procedures.

3. For resolving of complaints and handling of requests and enquiries.

4. For the prevention, detection and investigation of crime and for analyzing as-well-as managing the commercial risks.

5. For organizing promotional events.

6. For legal purposes, such as obtaining legal advice and dispute resolution. But, it is not limited to this.

7. In order to conduct investigations related to disputes, billing or fraud.

8. For meeting or complying with any of the applicable rules, regulations, laws, codes of practice or guidelines issued by any of the legal or regulatory bodies that are binding on PCITS.

Use of Personal Data Permitted under the Act

The use or disclose of your Personal Data may also be accomplished for the following “Additional Purposes”:

• Tracking and analysis.

• For leads generation and management for marketing of the services offered by PCITS Pvt. Ltd.

• For administrating the competitions, contests as-well-as marketing campaigns.

• For the purposes that are logically related to the aforesaid purpose.

• Moreover, your personal data may be disclosed where permitted under the act and is subject to the provisions of any applicable law, for the additional purpose of PCITS, to the third service providers. It is disclosed in connection with promotions and services that are offered by PCITS.

Safety of Personal Data

Reasonable steps will be taken by PCITS to protect your personal data against any unauthorized disclosure. Wherever, it is the subject to the provisions of any law that is applicable, your personal data may be revealed. PCITS shares the information for the purposes listed above to the following:

1. Corporations and employees related to PCITS for providing content and services to you, to address your queries.

2. Third party service providers or vendors, in relation with marketing promotions and services that are offered by PCITS.

3. Auditors, lawyers and all other professional advisers of our company.

4. Law enforcement agencies, relevant government regulators and statutory boards in order to comply with any laws, guidelines, rules and regulations or the schemes imparted by any of the government authorities.

5. Any other party, which is authorized by you to reveal your Personal Data.


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