Enhance your E-commerce website features with Opencart

If you are planning for an E-commerce business module, then it’s obvious that you are going to need an efficient and multi-feature website. Well, nowadays some web agencies are dealing with the E-commerce based websites. But it has been observed that some service providers are offering cheap E-commerce websites and are charging a lot of money.

The main victims of such situation are the clients from the non - technical background. The clients have no technical idea about the E-commerce industry, and thus it becomes easy for the fraud service providers to cheat them. But here, we greatly understand the necessities of the clients and accordingly suggest them the best E-commerce solution.

We offer different varieties of E-commerce modules as per the budget and needs of the clients. Mainly, there is a great demand for the Open Cart E-commerce platform, as it has a lot of features and compatibility. Thus, we also recommend the open cart platform to the clients.

To ensure proper delivery of the Opencart E-commerce platform, a dedicated team of experienced developers has been arranged under our roof. Our team has adequate knowledge regarding the features and functionalities of Opencart. Thus it is feasible to efficiently design and develop the E-commerce sites.

It is very easy to start and run the Opencart based e-commerce platform. Again, no programming skills are required to manage the backend panel. You can easily modify all your contents and products with the help of CMS. To understand the features of Opencart, let’s have a glance on some important facts associated with Opencart -

Thousands of extensions and modules -

You don’t have to design the website again, as there are some in - built themes and templates. Well, it is 100% true that, you will find more convenient templates, than your expectations. Apart from the template, all the necessary features are maintained in the form of extensions. All you need to do is, just inform us about the features, which you want to your website. As everything is easily available on the Opencart system, it doesn’t take much time for our developers to deliver the website.

Virtual file structure -

It has been noticed that a number of bugs are associated with the CMS panel, which can greatly affect the functionalities of the website. Thus, instead of providing the ordinary CMS system, our developers specially design virtual file handling system, named vQmod. Opencart has a good compatibility with vQmod and greatly supports all the features. VQmod creates a copy of every file and modification maintained on the website.

Multi - store mode -

If you want to access different online stores from one admin panel, then it is feasible through Opencart platform. It doesn’t matter whether the design, products, languages, modules of all the websites are same, you can efficiently manage all the websites under one roof.

To clear out all the issues regarding your E-commerce platform, it is recommended to consult with our experts.

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