Why Mobile Marketing Is So Important For Your Business?

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You will require a customer-centric and up to date marketing strategy to stay ahead in the market in the long run. Maybe you know things about mobile marketing already. But as per studies, it has shown that 68% of the business organizations have now adopted to using mobile marketing strategies and 71% marketers have the belief that mobile marketing forms the core strategy of their marketing toolbox. People now believe that smartphones are something without which they cannot live their lives. On an average, a mobile phone user spends 69% of his/her time using the mobile phone.

What is the meaning of mobile marketing?

Mobile marketing is a marketing strategy that is used for marketing and promoting a business, or a product or a service to the mobile phone or tablets or handheld users with the help of techniques such as MMS, SMS, voice calls, mobile websites, etc. Mobile marketing is somewhat similar to internet marketing where the marketer needs the user to provide and advertise the products. It includes research work to know and understand the mobile phone user’s nature, designing the application as per the mobile platform and adopting the numerous techniques and strategies of mobile marketing.

Why is there the increasing importance of mobile marketing?

With more than 1,900 million mobile users across the globe, mobile phones have become one of the most popular and most used technologies in the world. This is why there is now an increasing growth of mobile marketing. Mobile marketing is a technique that should not be easily ignored.

On an average, smartphone conversion rate is up to 65% than compared to the average conversion rate of the desktop for e-commerce. Additionally, about 46% shoppers do not mostly think about shopping for some other option while they are using a company’s mobile application. Therefore, to understand better, here are some of the reasons why mobile marketing is so important for your business these days.

Mobile marketing is a user-controlled marketing:

Mobile marketing works on and follows the principle “consumer is the king of the market” in the real sense. This means that the mobile phone user has the freedom to either accept, see reject or block your marketing efforts to reach him/her. This has further led to the entire concept of mobile-friendly becoming all the more relevant. Moreover, even Google now prefers the websites that are more mobile friendly.

Mobile commerce will boom in the coming future:

Mobile commerce is yet to grow and boom and it is predicted that it would reach $333 billion by the year 2021 ends. Many business organisations have already invested in this increasing trend and many others are yet to invest on it. Facebook Messenger and Pinterest have already introduced new features that let the users purchase directly from their platforms. Similarly, WhatsApp has also introduced the payments option in India where the users get payment transfer options.

A lot of time is spent on mobile phones now:

As per a study, it has been predicted that people spend about 10 hours a day on their mobile phones on an average. This certainly means that a person spends more than 500 hours every year surfing websites or talking on the mobile phone. Therefore, this provides ample amount of opportunity to capture the user’s attention and get them to discuss business on a device which they use so often and frequently in daily lives. Moreover, the advertising trends are also now responding to this latest development. It is predicted that by the year 2019, about 72% marketing dollars will be spent to develop applications and advertisements for the mobile platforms itself.

Mobile marketing and mobile commerce are two sides of the same coin:

Users now use their mobile phones to buy items from e-commerce platforms. So the large business organisations are now realising this trend and are developing more of user-friendly portals and websites that can help them increase and facilitate sales. In fact, it is predicted that business organizations that help their consumers get their product information via integrated mobile campaigns will see a considerable amount of boost in their revenue.

SMS open rates are more than email:

Short Message Service (SMS) has a higher open rate of 98% and around 90% people who open and view the message will read the message within a few seconds.  This is why the open rate of SMS is higher than email marketing or any other digital channels. By drafting SMS messages that appeal to your prospective customers will give them a reason to a research work on your product and services, and mostly they will begin the research on the device in which they actually received the message.

Mobile marketing has a broader market reach:

The mobile phones and tablets are now becoming a popular tool to communicate with people across all demographics. They are of a small size, light in weight and are cheap and portable than the desktops and laptops. Moreover, the manufacturers have also started to respond to their customer demands and are thus developing powerful and affordable mobile devices now. Therefore, these recent developments mean that you get a better chance to use marketing messages as the mobile phones allow you now to reach your target audience to advertise and promote your products and services.


The businesses get a higher response rate, all thanks to the fact that customers perceive mobile marketing as a user-friendly approach from the companies. Hence, the customers tend to respond faster to mobile marketing strategies used when compared to any other similar promotional tool used. This therefore means a lower promotional cost and higher revenue for the companies.

Mobile marketing helps to collect relevant customer data:

Mobile marketing acts as a great medium to collect customer data because mobile phone databases are always maintained with up to date information. With the help of mobile marketing, companies can now find out relevant information related to customer data which is important to obtain if a company wants its marketing process to be a success.

Mobile marketing is more secure:

Mobile marketing is more secure. As most of the marketing campaigns undertaken by companies are considered to be a spam by people these days, therefore via mobile marketing, a company can increase its credibility and reach out to its customers with the help of a more secure channel. Hence, this is certainly more helpful when a company wants its branding efforts to be a success.

Mobile marketing helps customers get quick services anytime, anywhere:

Nowadays, people want quick and easy services. They look for service providers that can meet their requirements at any place, time and can be reached easily. So if a company undertakes mobile marketing techniques, the customers get a better platform to reach out to the company in case of any query. Moreover, in this way the customers also get a channel to reply back with a feedback easily.

Different types of mobile marketing strategies

As more and more people are now using more of internet via smartphones, there are high chances of your company website being visited mostly through a mobile device compared to a desktop. So to expand and enhance your business, the following are some of the trendy mobile marketing strategies that you can use to market and advertise your products and services:

SMS marketing:

As people tend to check their SMS in less time, you can use SMS as a perfect mobile marketing strategy to get in touch with a customer to advertise and promote your products and services.

MMS marketing:

Video, Audio, text or image slideshow can be delivered to your customers via MMS to advertise your business or products and services. Mobile marketing will help you to understand your customer’s nature. You can be clear about a service requirement of a customer and then help him/her via MMS.

Application-based marketing:

Mobile-based applications of ecommerce sites are now effectively being used for business promotions. You will just have to maintain a good search ranking of your business application to make it more visible to your customers.

In-game advertisements:

Ad-funded mobile game or mobile advergaming are now being used by most of the companies to provide promotional messages within mobile platform games.

QR codes:

QR codes are a great alternative to URL typing. So instead of typing a URL, a person can visit a page by just scanning a 2D image. Hence, the QR codes are now slowly becoming a popular mobile marketing strategy which companies are now integrating.

Location-based services:

The location-based services are conducted via mobile phone networks. These services are used to send advertisements or any other messages to the user based on the location.

So now that you know why mobile marketing is slowly gaining popularity and its importance, you can think about using it to promote your business to reach out to a wider audience and get higher revenues.

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