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Digital marketing is among those terms that we all have a good deal of knowledge of what it means, however, when it comes to handling it; we get stuck in some manner. Eventually, it is still unclear which kinds of digital marketing are we discussion about. Hence, instead of opting for something such as “it is associated with the online marketing” or “a term acting as a summary for all the activities associated with online marketing, we can talk about it is a similar manner.”

Digital marketing encompasses all the activities of marketing which utilize the digital devices. These include the activities which are highly operational and related to online marketing. However, strictly speaking, it also includes some of the activities which are offline marketing also. This is also very effective as it would become a mistake for viewing the activities of online marketing to be completely detached from the rest of the activities of marketing.

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To present you with a thorough comprehension of what aspects are included in the term of digital marketing; here are some of the most crucial categories of the digital marketing. You should also ensure that you get the knowledge of all of these kinds before you decide what kind of marketing you want to encompass in your strategies of digital marketing.

Marketing on social media

The social media has a very intense emphasize on the marketing of social media. Hence, it is where we intend to go for beginning our list of kinds of digital marketing. Social media is a platform that assists the businesses in getting any word out regarding the company’s business. It facilitates the followers to show their preferences and interests with the world.

People are also able to share their likes and dislikes with each other. This presents the business organization with scope to communicate more about the business offerings to a large number of people and potential customers. It is one platform where you can find businesses of any scale to be projected in front of a wide mass of people all over the world.

The platform of social media has a very authentic earned position in the internet marketing categories lists. Marketing of social media is the utilization of websites and platforms of social media for promoting a service or product. This denotes to the fact that all sharing of engagement and information with the fans, followers, competitors or partners on platforms of social media with the objective of promoting the services or products is an integral aspect of digital marketing.

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Overall, the marketing on social media is the targeted utilization of conversations on social media platforms for increasing the awareness for the product or the brand. Marketing on social media is a very effective way for many business organizations for fulfilling their business objectives and attaining their aims in regards to the establishment of brand equity, enhancing the customer service, collecting the feedbacks from the customers and reaching out to the new potential customers.

If business organizations can devise much content of social media which facilitates value to different individuals, they can establish a connection with the potential customers in a very effective and profitable manner.

SEO (Search engine optimization)

Search engine optimization is the procedure of the optimizing website or content such that they present themselves up in the results of the search in the search engines such as Google. Different search engines make decisions that websites to present for a web search that is based on terms of keywords that are mentioned in the site and different links which refer to the business site.

This denotes to the fact that search engine optimization has a lot of things to do with utilizing the exact key phrases or keywords in the copy of the site. This is also applicable within the web content which you desire of showing the web search and obtaining links to the content and website. There are many strategies for having optimization of the sites for different search engines.


The search engine king accepts some of the strategies, Google along with other search engines are considered shady instead. This may lead to the penalization of your business site by Google. There happens to be a very strong association between marketing on social media, content and search engine optimization. It is also very likely that search engine optimization and social media are very appropriate channels for distributing the web content.

Content marketing

Content marketing is a form of utilizing storytelling and gaining valuable information for increasing the awareness of the brand with the objective of getting your audience which is targeted for taking a profitable initiative of action.

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Content marketing targets for constructing and establishing associations with the different potential customers and transforming into a partner instead of an advertiser. As the content marketing very strongly depends on the distribution of the content, content marketing can be seen as a completely separated aspect from the different kinds of digital marketing which can fill the part of the content distribution.

(SEM) Search engine marketing

While search engine optimization elaborates the procedure of getting traffic that is unpaid from the search engines, search engine marketing denotes to the paid traffic from different search engines. The most basic form of marketing on a search engine is mostly the Google Adwords for a very simple cause that Google is till date the most searched and used a search engine.

In the search engine marketing, the marketer mostly pays a predefined amount of capital to the search engine for presenting a marketing message at different places within the results of the search for certain phrases or keywords. It can be said that search engine marketing is a kind of pay per click advertisement.

Pay per click advertising

In the same manner to search engine marketing different form of pay per click advertising also denote to the elaboration of marketing methods in which the marketers make payments of every click on a single link to any website. Other than those search engines, most of the channels of social media provide the scope for advertising of pay per click.


These kinds of ads they happen to appear in the eventual feed of the users of social media that are targeted. It is to be noted that most of the activities can never be separated in a clear manner. The lines existing between different kinds of online or digital marketing are mostly blurred.

Public relations

You cannot overlook public relations, and though it is not that strictly a kind of digital marketing, it has to be included as it has a highly significant impact on the results of digital marketing. Out of all kinds of digital marketing, public relations has the potential for gaining the highest exposure at a faster rate. Public relations are all regarding exposure. Whether it is in any article of news or giving a conversation at any event, the aim of the public relations is to gain popularity and demand for your business website and in the right places too.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a kind of digital marketing which is based on the performance. On the contrary, to pay per click advertisement with the approach of affiliate marketing, the marketer does not have to pay for any targeted traffic instead for having conversations.

The prices are mostly higher, however, m the risk on the other side of the marketers are constrained as he only has to pay for the ongoing conversions. The approach of affiliate marketing is very popular with the website owners and bloggers who have high traffic inflow and generate income by selling the products of other people to their targeted audience.

Radio advertising

The breaks in the music program in the radio are one channel that you can use for marketing in this regard. Some may find this aspect to be highly annoying; you can make few selections to provide entertainment, at least for the first time when they hear it. There are many things for developing in the case if radio advertising.

Radio advertising

Email marketing

The approach of email marketing is considered among the best and most effective ways of conversions of different channels of marketing. By forwarding regular updates to the subscribers of emails, you can establish and build faith and trust. This will ultimately help you in converting a percentage of the targeted audience into consumers.

You have to consider the fact that email marketing is considered to be among the most prominent aspect as compared to making the purchase of any email list and projecting them with enhanced promotional messages or a single time of advertisement spot in some other individuals’ newsletter in the emails.

The most effective outcome from the outcome of email marketing will be obtained with a long list of loyal subscribers that you have personally nurtured and earned. Then your list of emails can very conveniently transform into the best asset of digital marketing. This will help you in gaining more exposure in regards to the Internet Marketing.

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