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Top Strategies to Get High Quality Backlinks in 2018

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Building links are one of the most effective and oldest tactics that are used in SEO. It is one of the most effective and productive ways of growing any organic traffic for search.

What is link building?

The link is building a process of obtaining hyperlinks from different websites to your website. A link or hyperlink can be regarded as a way for the website users for navigating between different pages on the platform of the Internet. The Search engines utilize different links for crawling the entire website.

They will move through the links existing between different individuals WebPages on your site. They shall also go through the links which are present on the entire website. Different techniques can be used for building links; however, they have a varying difficulty level. Many search engine optimization agencies agree that building link is one of the most difficult parts of the job in their filed.

Link Building

Most of the search engine optimization companies happen to spend a significant amount of time in making efforts to do it. For such reason, if you can have good control over the field of building very high quality of links, it can make you get ahead of other search engine optimization agencies as well as in your competition.

However, you need to be very careful with how you consider and accept quality links. Links have been considered as a key part of the way in which Google and different other search engines happen to determine the extent of trust that you can invest on any website right from the beginning.

They observed every link every link as a kind of recommendation; hence, if a website engages more links that prominent to it, the website would have more credibility. This will increase the rank of the website in the search results. However, some owners of websites and search engine optimizations have made attempts to play with the entire process by having acquisitions of links through different questionable facts.

Right from then, most of the updates of Google have prominently been fixed regarding getting ahead of such suspicious efforts regarding the building of links. For the current scenario, only ethical or white hat methods of building links can work reliably. It is impossible for borrowing, begging, buying or stealing the links in such a way which will enhance the rankings.

For some owners of websites who happen to depend on the link building tactics that are shady, this can prove to be bad news. However, if you are interested in investing time that it consumes for earning valid links, it is completely impossible for boosting the rankings and credibility of your website.

This is why you need to learn about various ways for earning high quality and legitimate backlinks which will assist in showing Google along with other search engines that your website is very much worthy of having high ranks.

Powerful techniques to obtain high quality Backlines in 2018

  1. Identify backlinks from the blog post having “Best of”

This specific method of obtaining backlinks is very effective. Here are the steps that you need o do:

First step: Make use of the following strings of search on Google

  • “(TOPIC) blogs for reading.”
  • “Best (Topic) Blog Year.”
  • “My Favorite (TOPIC) blogs.”

Any of such searches will present you with a long list of “best of” different blogs in your chosen topic.

Blog Post

Second step: You can then proceed to create a new Doc in the Google and add different links to any high-quality blog from which you would want to have a backlink. You can also write down the email address of all the bloggers you have been reaching and trying to reach out also. In most of the cases, you can get them in their contact section.

Third step: You need to make efforts to reach out to such blogs through email and present them with a link related to your article. You can also ask them if they can add it in any of the monthly or weekly roundup posts.

Most of such blogs will assist you in posting a comment with the link to your official website. One of the fastest and easiest ways to have a backlink is to make thoughtful comments to be posted on any articles on the potential blogs which you think to be worthy of getting a link from. Ensure that the comment you make has to be very thoughtful. You can think of many creative ways of appreciating the type of information the author has presented in the article. You can also ask a question.

  1. Help a reporter out (HARO)

HARO is also considered among the best ways for generating backlinks of high quality from different authentic news websites.

Here are the steps through which it will work:

  • Sign up for Help a reporter out as an authentic source.
  • You shall receive 3 emails every day during the weekdays from different reporters who are looking for different sources. You can also search for source requests that are highly relevant to your niche and you.
  • You have to then make some responses with the help of your credentials and content. By using HARO, you can very effectively build backlinks from different news websites of news like Mashable; WSJ, Reuters, Fast Company, etc.
  1. Submit your site to different feedback sites

There are different feedback sites where you can make submission of your website and have criticism on the content and design of your website. The best thing about such feedback sites is that most of them present a link to your website.

  1. Reach out to different bloggers and offer them your free infographics as a guest post

After submitting your infographics to different infographics sites for submission, you can then follow the most convenient way to have backlinks of high quality from websites which have the very impressive authority of the domain. Every individual loves and desires having informative infographics and almost all websites that you would intend to reach will accept for including your infographics in any of their articles in a glad manner.

  1. Submit your website to different blog aggregators

Blog Aggregators are different websites that its blogs from various industries. Although they do not have the same quantity of link content as they used to have earlier, you can have a decent quantity of referral traffic from such blogs.

You can also obtain high-quality links which are of “do follow” in nature from different blog aggregators in simple steps for free.

  • Submit your website. In almost all the cases, the RSS feed of the official blog is considered.
  • Add an HTML code to your website for confirming your ownership of the entire website.
  • Wait for the aggregator of the blog for reviewing your website.

When it gets approved, you shall have your webpage on the aggregator of the blog which would list all the articles.

  1. Build public relations

For some of the digital marketers, the word “public relations” might appear similar to the traditional strategy of marketing. In a technical sense, it is. However, the matter of link building and public relations denotes to the practice of utilizing the similar methods of getting backlinks which you might use for getting press.

One of the most effective ways to have this is to be cited in the form of a security in any news article and different other online content. At present, you can easily eliminate the requirement for such third-party assistance by signing up the HARO. This will assist you in allowing journalists for putting a call to all the sources within the regular newsletter.

Present which areas you happen to have expertise in, and you shall receive regular lists of requirements of a journalist which are associated with all the skills directly in the inbox on a regular basis. You can then reach out to such journalists, if they happen to be interested in the matter which you have to present, they shall quote you as a prominent source.

You can also consider the conventional moves of public relations such as press release. Journalists and bloggers are constantly seeking new information. Hence, whenever you or your business achieve anything significant, you can go for making announcements and make it easier for finding the details.

Although this never guarantees you of any press coverage, it denotes that you are mostly potential to be associated to and in the articles which are related to the subject as compared to the companies who do not have their accomplishments to be accessed easily on the online platform. Press releases must be added to the database and directories which make them a better tool of Search Engine Optimization.

However, if you select to utilize such strategy, you need to remember that where most of the people make mistakes in the press release is regarding excessive optimization of the anchor texts.

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