Social Media Optimization Tips To Boost Your Website Ranking

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Social media optimization has become an integral part of all online marketing campaign. In fact, social media optimization matters as much as the search engine optimization for the success of any online business, ecommerce, or blog these days. After all, the ultimate aim of any online campaign is to drive as much traffic as it is possible. And, social media can be one of the most powerful sources of driving flooding amount of traffic to a website.

An effective social media strategy can significantly bring enhancement in search engine ranking. Given below are the most effective social media optimization tips, those can boost the ranking of a website in a noteworthy fashion.

Fundamental things to start with:

No online strategy can be executed ignoring social media when it comes about brand promotion or establishing the web presence. To make the most of social media for a blog or any online campaign, the first thing one needs to do is to associate the social media button with the concerned site. You should be having a social media page for the website, and you should put links to every post on the social media platforms. The latest method for the same is to integrate social media button for every page and every post, including the emoticons as well. It means a visitor to the site or the page should be able in sharing the post straight from the page itself. In fact, they should be able to log-in through your site straight away.

It’s a myth that social media promotion affects ranking. Rather, the social media sites like Facebook are considered sites with great domain authority. Naturally, the traffic coming through these sites hold a lot of significance. Especially, if it’s an ecommerce or any product based site can get the major boost through social media. Again, it’s a myth spread that traffic through social media pages doesn’t help in ranking, especially for the new sites. The fact however is that newly made sites can get the major exposure through social media.

Craft of Keywords

Keyword optimization strategy is pretty much applicable to the social media profiles as well, as of the search engine strategies. Keyword alignments on the social media pages are essential to be perfect for maximum reach. In fact, this is important from an overall organic traffic point of view. Long tail keywords indeed are more effective over social media, but, it needs to be crafted creatively with the social media post ensuring it doesn’t get caught easily or doesn’t affect the post quality. Remember, the social media posts can’t be lengthy. And, the posts can’t be compromised qualitatively. Hence, you should hire specialist social media content developers in this regard.

The right way of getting “likes” and “followers”

Needless is to say how much the Facebook likes, Twitter follows, etc. matter from a social media point of views. It has been seen on many occasions that people buy cheap social media packages to increase social media likes and follows. However, these are mostly the fake likes or likes in exchange for likes. Remember, there is no meaning of likes or followers if they don’t convert or do engage with the post. These engagement factors have been decisive regarding overall ranking. On the other hand, Google is equally strict against the paid likes or the so-called proxy likes. These likes and followers can significantly affect the search engine ranking of the page.

Same is the case about contents as well. It has been already explained that content is way lot powerful over social media than the regular sites. Your flaws can be detected easily. On this context, it is important to avoid putting the spam posts, fake posts, or copied posts. You may edit things creatively, but it should be distinguished from the original.

Engaging with the followers is another fantastic way to keep them intact with a site. You should interact with the followers or those who comment. Creating live sessions, polls, etc., are also recommended for better results.

Getting natural links from diverse sources:

Just like the search engine optimization, external links matter here too in case of social media optimization. You should aim to get more external links for your contents. However, these links should not come from anyone specific or simply a few sites. Getting an external link from diverse sites would improve your ranking better. Having good relation with other authority sites or social media pages of your concerned niche can be helpful in this regard. In fact, consistently getting crucial external links from diverse sources can give you the status of an authority site. Needless is to say that this can significantly boost your overall ranking.

How to optimize your posts and stuff keywords:

Every social media strategist should thoroughly understand that social media itself is a powerful search platform in modern times. Not just the other profiles or profiles of friends, people use search box of social media platforms like Facebook for searching genuine things, starting entertainment videos, political stories, sports news, etc. Especially, the video contents are hugely searched through these search platforms.

Hence, it is highly important to addresses these searches and make your post available among those who look for the same. For a greater level exposure and networking, it is quite essential to optimize the posts effectively. As explained above, keyword alignment plays a big part. More than that, the stuff like adding infographics, optimized videos, market research reports, etc. on your social media, with properly stuffing the keywords can be useful.

While optimizing the post, special attention should be given towards the titles. It needs to be precise, crafty, and smartly carrying the keyword. Not just for the text contents or image contents, video contents should also be having the smart headlines as of this. It would be even better to have a catchy caption.

While preparing the contents, no matter of which type it is, one needs to ensure that it addresses the frequently made search queries. Especially, the “how to” based queries, like “how to cook grilled mushroom” kind of contents prepared through videos, infographics, images, as well as the texts. Keyword stuffing can be easily done for such posts as well.

Social Bookmarking strategy for quality backlink:

Social bookmarking is a key term that every social media campaigner should perfectly understand. It is basically about submitting the link of a website publicly to a social media site. Prime purpose behind the link submission is to get better networking result and branding. Now most people would think what’s new about that? Well, the twist here is that here the social sites like Facebook or Twitter is not talked about.

These are moreover about getting socialising with family and friends, though they have grown and in to the business domain due to their increased user base. Real social media bookmarking refers to the sites like Stumble Upon,, etc, those moreover about niche based. If you managed your site to get bookmarked over these sites, you are sure to get quality backlinks. And, it is an open secret that backlinks can improve the ranking of a site in a magical fashion. This is the reason social bookmarking is given so much priority for every social media campaign.

Useful contents of authority backlinks:

As explained above, social media and search engine strategies are quite intertwined with each other. A social media post can get engaged with a huge number of people in no time. Naturally, if the content is useful, even if a picture is striking, it can be used by even the top media platforms (as we know media houses refer to the social media greatly). And, an advantage that you can get through the entire process is the quality backlink.

Power of hashtags:

We all use hashtags on social media posts. The funny part about this practice is that most people don’t understand its relevance and tag any random word. However, smart people know how to make the most of it. You can research on frequently used hashtags for the posts in relation to your niche. This can be done pretty easily; there are certain tools available as well. Anyway, such hashtags can be the incredible way of promoting your content. If you’re social media page is having more number of and more relevant content, it is sure to get the due attention. It would be even effective if you could combine the keywords with it smartly. A huge number of people search through hashtags these days.

Using Micro-Blogging for branding:

Microblogs are more associated with Social Media. These are moreover the one-liner status update kind posts we make, which can be combined with videos, posts, links, etc. The strategies as explained above are moreover about the renowned platforms like Facebook. However, there are specific microblogging sites like Tumblr; those are referred here. These microblogging strategies are primarily used for keyword strategies primarily. The best part about microblogging is that it can genuinely bring exposure for your blogs and other social media pages, quickly. It is mainly done for branding purpose.

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