SEO Trends That Will Shape The Year 2018


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SEO Trends 2018

Digital marketing is gaining the momentum of being the most needed tools for all the business organization who are very much forward thinking to promote full fledge their business. The days wherein the online presence across various platforms such as e – commerce, websites and social media was sufficient for businesses are gone.

To build a very a strong presence in the online platform, search engine optimization is gaining the only mantra of getting the optimized conversions and goals along with the rankings on the websites. Currently, with the assistance of the real – time aspects, individuals can market the business organizations where different prospects happen to spend more duration of time.

Trends of Search engine optimization and formulate the Strategies of digital marketing

Search engine Google assist us in gathering authentic and relevant data based on which the outcome of search has turned out to be more personalized and accurate along with being more timely as ever. Due to the rolling of new and fresh algorithms by Google every day to provide the users with the expected outcomes, it has turned out to be very crucial for businesses for staying updated with altering trends of search engine optimization and formulate the strategies of digital marketing accordingly.

You can enhance your game of search engine optimization by giving the delivery of correct information at the correct time in a very timely way, hence, boosting the experience of the customers. Allow the customers to find your products and services along with all the details about your business and purchase the products. In this article, you shall come to know about top trends in search engine optimization that will shape the entire year with the industry of digital marketing.

  1. Image and Video content will get the extensive expansion

Eventually, the interaction that we do online has been evolving to become increasingly visual. For around the past years, higher internet speeds, number of platforms of social media that are visual friendly and a generic desire of public for engaging with videos and images has resulted in an upward trend in the interaction that is conducted visually on online channels.

Image and Video content

The trends of the video content are expanding to a greater height and individuals are loving and desiring for more video advertisements. Many business organizations have also begun to provide tutorials, webinars, etc. to facilitate the experience of the users. Video search engine optimization is a very good strategy for incorporating it into the marketing strategy of social media for taking the business to greater heights.

  1. Voice search will facilitate empowerment

Voice assistance has turned out to be among the best way of grabbing the attention of the customers. It has continued to integrate into all aspects right from cell phones to the remote devices of television, even key business organizations such as Apple’ Siri, Google and Cortana of Microsoft have altered the manner in which the content is generated, and utilization of search engines is done.


Currently, individuals are saying sentences or words directly to have anything searched. Hence, to advertise your company or business organization, it is very important for business organizations to integrate the technology of voice search and encompass keywords in sites which match the results of the voice search to make it very friendly with Search engine optimization. There are varying analytical tools which are available and can assist in understanding all kind s of trending keywords for enhancing the traffic.

  1. The mobile application will have a lot of importance

Mobile accessibility has captured the market with great prominence. This has resulted in boosting of the usage at a greater height and will continue to do so in the upcoming years. For increasing the rates of conversions and click – through rates, you need to make the business site to be very mobile friendly.

This would make it very easy for all the visitors of gaining access to varying information anytime and anywhere. Mobile is getting great prominence and popularity among different big brands and hence, is available for incorporating the same into the gimmicks of marketing as well.

  1. Featured answers and snippets

One among the fresh features of the search engine, Google has initiated the aspect of answering to different queries of many users. For this objective, rich snippets are considered to be on the top of the result page of any search engine such as Google or Yahoo. Snippets which are rich in features can be considered in the form of bullets, paragraphs or different numbers which would make it very convenient and easy for the visitors and the users to have their answer searched at a faster rate. When you are searching for favourable results of search engine optimization, use this tactic and boost your game up. The better the snippets are, the higher are your chances of enhancing search engine optimization.

  1. Content with live quality will lure the customers

Keywords and content are the basics of the search engine optimization assist in creating the personalized content which is based on the buying experiences and patterns of customers. This can get you more conversions and clicks. Quality over quantity of any content is very important for assuring the authentication of the business organization or the brand.

The companies which are of next generation also have adopted different techniques for placing the live content and engaging the customers with live demos and videos. This trend is increasing by covering all kinds of elements of social media with the most popular and mostly used social platform to make the best of it.

  1. Individual customization will alter the manner in which many rankings are anticipated

Google has been enforcing the growth of the search results in a more personalized format for the best part of the year, based on the histories of searches conducted by individuals, browser cookies and different other information for giving more customized and better SERPs for different persons.


Along with the advent of various smart speakers, the enhanced convenience of the different searches and higher sophistication of technology, the factor of personalization will mostly increase even to a greater extent in the year of 2018. This would make it very difficult for predicting the manner in which the business organization will get ranked.

  1. Graphics knowledge will dominate the market

Google, for some years, has been consistently increasing the specificity and frequency of all the featured snippets. The answers to all these are in the search queries. The frequency of the snippets that were featured declined to a significant extent which has been replaced by different equivalent responses that are existing in the boxes of Knowledge Graph. This event has the potential of increasing and ultimately dominating the Knowledge Graph of Google. This would also replace a good quantity of space that is currently occupied by different snippets in an initiative of providing users with enhanced and more consistent responses.

  1. Machine learning will have the end to the traditional updates of the search algorithm

RankBrain exists as the deepest div if Google into the aspect of machine learning. This is relevant in the manner of about the search algorithm. However, the parent company of Google, Algorithm, has been making better investments in the Artificial Intelligence and machine learning over many years.

Although Google has not yet released any kind of official news regarding if or when it plans of rolling out better and number of updates regarding machine learning to the basic algorithm, by the end of the years, you shall find an increased impact in the machine learning as compared to the conventional results of search., gradually, though it shall be years from present day, you might find the updates of algorithm to fade ways completely and that too, in favor of the continuous, automated and iterative set of updating process of algorithm that is carried out by any kind of machine learning.

  1. Search engine optimization will rise beyond Bing and Google

For last some years, it has been seen that there has been an increasing trend of business organizations that are competing for different space of ranking outside the search engine of Google. Google stills works on dominating the sphere of search engine along with upholding the position as the most popular platform for conducting any search until today.

However, the third parties such as Amazon and Yelp along with various digital assistants such as Siri have got into becoming the most authentic search engines. If you desire of being found by a higher percentage of searches of users and present yourself to the broadest audience possible in the year 2018, you shall need to start thinking beyond the scope of influence of Google.

These are certain predictions regarding the search engine trends that shall mould the years of 2018. However, we can never be assured of many new things cropping up all of a sudden and changing the entire scenario.

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