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Important Steps to a Successful SEO Content Strategy

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Delivering high-quality content which serves the requirement and expectations of the users is the prime requirements of all Search Engine Optimization companies’ right from the update of the Hummingbird algorithm and constant buzz about RankBrain. It appears to be very easy theoretically, however, what is the meaning of it in a practical sense? Most of the search engine optimizers believe that they perform this already by orienting their content strategy from keyword research only.

The issue with the only keyword research technique is that all the needs and expectation of the audience cannot be obtained or covered in searching. You can ask your nearest representative of customers’ service regarding what questions they have to answer all day every day. It can be guaranteed regarding all the questions with the exact search volume that is not found.

Think of visiting two different websites. The first website has many clear pathways for navigating, having extremely valuable information and a very common website theme throughout. The other website was very bad formatted, having dotted broken links and deprived out of certain types of information that you desired to find. For the websites such as the second one, there is a loss in the credibility, questioning of the reputation and audience will navigate away quickly. What makes both the websites to vary from each other? The answer is the siloing of the website.

 What is website siloing?

It is a process of categorizing links, content, and data in the way that is very easy and conveniently accessible. It also assists in making it easier for the users to navigate which can also be considered as the prime objective of creation of website silo.

seo silo structure

 Some more facts about website silo

There are many phrases and words on every page of your website. Different search engines make efforts to create a sense of such words to determine the exact and key point of any specific page. You might highlight the word “gold” on any webpage. However, that specific word might mean various things. If search engine like Google finds any word such as “shiny” on its page, it will tend to comprehend the entire word to be a gemstone. When you search for “engagement ring” to the entire webpage, a search engine like Google would understand that exact term to be related to gold. Silo can also be referred to as category on the official website where you can fix blog post.

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 Steps to build successful SEO Content Strategy

Content Marketing Goal

1)     Fix your goals

Begin at the end. You need to specify what you ultimately are trying to achieve. It might be to gain rise in certain percentage or drive specific number of increase in the overall sales. By fixing the exact requirements that you are looking to achieve, you shall be able to strive for the content that shall be created. You shall also get clarity over the course of action that you shall be taking to achieve the goals.

2)     Identify the key audience and their key main requirements

The second step would include the identification of who exactly you happen to target with your web content. There are various kinds of people at your virtual vicinity for assisting you with this portion of the entire process. Within your business environment, you need to consider the following terms;

  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Product Marketing
  • Product Management
  • Marketing On Social Media
  • Technical Support

There are the individuals who happen to have most interaction with the users. Identify the factors that of great trouble for your audience and which kind of content you can create for helping you answer their questions. You can conduct some of relevant research too.

3)    Determine the unique expertise of your brand

You need to have an in-depth insight and configure what and which elements mark the true uniqueness of your brand. Consider regarding who the experts of subjects are and the ways in which they happen to contribute to the business organization. You consider the ways in which your products are devised. The experts that may appear to be boring on the virtual front can turn out to be highly valuable. You can then focus on the tilt of your content.

4)     Make a list of all the potential topics that are based on the tilt of the content.

After specifying the content tilt, it would be very convenient to create topics that your brand should be making content about. However, there are many topics which you need to know that your audience is concerned about. This is a very good step for getting other individuals to get involved in your business organization from different departments such as product management, customer service and sales. You simply need to ensure that the content tilt is very clear for brainstorming for ensuring that you do not deviate from the entire course.

5)    Create silo by selecting theme

Start by choosing a theme for your official website. A very important part of the entire process is by conducting the entire research for identifying the direction in which a theme should be selected. This important part will act as a source of recognition for your business organization, and a very common aspect which your customers will seek for during pursuing the web content.

6)    Structure out the links

You need to structure out the links which will direct the traffic through the entire website towards the data which they are seeking for. Related links provide to be very valuable and important navigation tool which have to improved, tested and updates on a continuously basis. Most of the users who shall find that your website is inaccessible or highly confusing will choose to opt out of the site and search for information in some other sites.

You need to devise many internal links which direct the visitors from every page within the official website. You have to be careful while creating the pathway for your website. You need to motivate and engage them in discovering your products and services, envision the utilization of the product and then make the final decision on purchase or buying.


Another important technique is building outbound links. By doing this, you can take your audience and users to different interlinked websites for providing them with additional information. Outbound linking is very useful and can result in building name and establishment of your website brand credibility when it is leveraged in the right manner. You shall also find that cross or internal links are not sufficient. You shall also require links from different trusted official websites for empowering the website silo. You can create high-quality content which users will eventually like to find and share. This will prove to be the most effective way. Then, you shall desire of making contacts with the bloggers and webmasters who would derive benefits by having linkage to your website.

7)     Create authentic content

You need to look forwards for a high-quality content generation which is structured on the theme and carefully created the platform. A shortage of the exact type of content can make your website look lifeless. You need to redirect your focus on having a visually stunning website with flawlessly running technique. Various things can be done by highlighting your service, product, brand, and reputation. This would encompass development of content which is authentic, organized, relevant, concise, informative, readable, professional, memorable and grammatically correct.

However, you need to take ample amount of time for brainstorming and compose such kind of high-quality content due to which you can illustrate your comprehension regarding the needs of the audience and you’re for the company, your trust in the service and the products. Materials which go through proper proofread and provide all the answers often questions will have a crucial role in structuring your silo. This will have a noticeable impact on the rank of your platform in a variety of search engines like Google.

 8) Audit the Search Engine Optimization

A crucial step for having the SEO Content Strategy is regarding auditing your entire development. In the IT industry which is filled with algorithms that are rapidly changing, you need to re-evaluate the strategies and SEO on a regular basis. This shall help you in placing your brand in the highest rank. You can move forward with your content and achieve the objective of having increased traffic to it.

8)     Consider semantic search 4V’ s

The more the searches become more concentrated on the semantics along with the development of the algorithms there has to be an improvement in the ways to interpret the signals related to the intent of the user. Marketers have to go through how they evaluate the success of the Search engine optimization. You also need to use own, earned and paid media in search engine optimization to get the most desired results in this regard.

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