How To Setup Your Google Analytics Account For Your Business Website?

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Many of the small businesses utilize Google Analytics for tracking different statistics they are associated with their official websites like traffic of the site, information of the visitor, view of the pages and conversions. Google Analytics is considered as a tool that is very important for gaining in-depth insights into how users are having interactions with the official websites.

It has become very important to have a proper track of all the traffic that is visiting your official; website. With the help of Google Analytics, you can incorporate seemingly endless data source and insight of varying data. However, you cannot obtain the benefits till the time you have structured, installed and set it up in a proper manner.

Setting up an Account of Google Analytics for your business website

Moreover, if you happen to be new individuals into the world of digital marketing, it can make you have a daunting time. Having a conventional website is not enough as you also need to ensure that your website is designed and operated in a good and structured way which brings in different customers and creates increased value for the entire business. Google Analytics assists you in doing it.

In the form of a powerful and free tool for web analytics, Google Analytics is gaining a lot of popularity with increasing time. To utilize Google Analytics, you need to set and incorporate it into the bets and appropriate manner. This is the aspect which creates the most difficult barrier in the entire process. This article will help you in designing in setting up an account of Google Analytics for your business website.

The stepwise plan

Select the right option of Analytics

Firstly, you need to choose the option of Google Analytics which is right and appropriate for your business. You have around three options to select from which are Analytics Premium, Analytics for Mobile Apps and Analytics Standard which is also called as Universal Analytics.

  1. Analytics Premium

Big businesses – the organizations which begin with 1 billion hits every month need to choose this version which is a paid one. This includes Service level Agreement, implementation, and technical support, expert training and support for getting higher volumes of a hit.

google analytics premium

  1. Analytics for different Apps on mobile

Select this option in the scenario your business integrates a mobile app in the frameworks for which you desire of tracking statistics.

Analytics on Mobile

  1. Analytics Standards

This is considered as a version of Google Analytics which is free and is very commonly used by the businesses which are small. This version also has many features for helping you in measuring the conversions like from completions, email signups, sales along with website traffic tracker and information regarding the visitor.

Setup Steps of Google Analytics

  1. Create an Account in Google or use any existing one

If you happen to have any existing account in Gmail or Google, you will not have to create any new on, and you can directly skip this step. In case you do not have any, you need to follow the following instruction.

  • Search for Google and click on the “create your Google account” option.
  • Fill all kinds of information in the given form and click on Next Step.
  • Google will then give you the question whether you would want to create any public profile on Google_. This part is optional, and you do not have to set it up if you do not happen. Simply click on “create your profile” if you desire to.

Use your new account on Google to have Google Analytics setup.

Google Analytics Setup

After having your Google account, you can then choose to set up your Google Analytics.

  • Log into your account or stay in the already logged in account and go to the website address of “www.
  • Choose “access Google Analytics “which is displayed in the topmost right corner which will redirect you redirect you to a very new page.
  • Select “Sign Up” on the extreme right-hand side.

Fill up the new form of the account.

Choosing the “sign up” option would take you to a new page of account signup for the entire site that you would prefer to track. Name the account. You can give the business name.

Then fill up the other fields for the name of the website, URL of the website, category of the industry and zone of time in which you desire Google to have the tracking data.

  1. Select the options for sharing data

Such options will allow you’re to customize the manner in which you would share information with the search engine Google. The data you provide is confidential and secure. However, you can provide access to Google to it in the aggregate form, to assist in improving your website and different other sites.

  1. Select the “get tracking ID” button

Selecting this button would provide you with the HTML code you shall need for inserting n the site that you desire tracking. Google will present you with the agreement of Terms of Service that you need to accept before gaining any access to the code of tracking.

Get Tracking Id

Installation of the Tracking Code

  • For enabling Google Analytics for reporting back on different kinds of website metrics, you shall require for installing the tracking code on each page of the site. For installing the entire code, you would have it on all the web pages of your site code.
  • If you happen not to have any experience added to the code on your site, you need to establish contact with the company that provided you web designing services which manages your entire website.
  • You can copy and then paste the entire tracking code to either the footer or the header file of your site.
  • If you are thinking of integrating the tracking code to the key header file, ensure that the code is present before the closing tag of {/head}.
  • If you desire of integrating the tracking code to the key footer file, you need to ensure that the code is present before the having closure to the tag {/html}.

Ensure that all tracking codes are on all the pages.

There is a very effective tool which is also called the GA Checker which will scan your website from beginning to the end. This will conduct the scanning process s to find that the tracking codes of Google Analytics exist on all website pages. All you require to do is to fill the name of your website and then choose the button which says that “check your site.” If you happen to install the tracking code successfully, you shall find a check mark to appear next to the Google; Analytics on all web pages.

Configure the views, goals, user management, and webmaster tools

Here are some few more steps which will complete the integration process of Google Analyst for your business fully. These encompass the setting up of the views, goals, user management and Webmaster Tools of Google. You need to choose the admin link that is present at the top of the dashboard of the Google Analytics for accessing the components.


You can put some reporting views which filter out different internal traffic from the website of your company and show the traffic that is meant for certain parts of your website. You can go to the “view settings “that is present in under “View” column under the admin section for configuring the settings.

  1. User Management

You can facilitate different users for observing the reports and present them with permission for making changes in the configuration.

  1. Goals

You can set up different goals for seeing the rate sofa conversations in the reports. They can cover nonsales, ecommerce and video views too.

  1. Webmaster tools

You need to consider the linking of Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics by choosing Product Linking followed by All Products under the “Property “Column. Webmaster Tools facilitates owners of websites for checking the indexing status of their website and have optimization of the visibility in the platform of Google Search.

Learn the ways to utilize Google Analytics

After making the installation of tracking code on all the WebPages on the official site, it is about to take 24 hours to begin collection of data by Google from the site. Consider the fact that Google Analytics will always be a day behind and you shall not be able to see the data from the current day.

A very structured and properly configured setup of Google Analytics facilitates in obtaining a thorough image of how people have interaction with your company. By incorporating the Google Analytics on your website, be sure to boost your sales. Hence, ensure of reviewing any guide meant for the beginner for making the effective use of Google Analytics for deriving specific information regarding having an in – depth understanding of the data in the Google Analytics.

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