How to Use Bing Webmaster tool With Your Website?

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If you are a website owner, then you have certainly invested a large number of resources and time to create your site. And once that the site becomes active, you will want every person to find and visit it when they browse on Bing. Bing crawls through the internet to discover webpages and then includes them in their search index. The use of the internet is growing constantly and so, Bing works hard and looks for all the new content which can be added to their index.

To help the webmasters keep their websites on Bing, the Microsoft operated web search engine offers Bing Webmaster Tools (BWT). This free toolset can be used to submit your website and also to check how it is functioning. The Bing Webmaster Tools helps the webmasters to recognize and understand any issues that a website might have and then take appropriate measures to fix. It also helps to optimize the webpages.

Who should use the Bing Webmasters Tools?

Any person who owns a website or has the interest to know how a site performs will be benefiting from using the Bing Webmasters Tools. Here, ‘any’ person could be a business owner, digital marketer, site admin or a website developer. The Bing Webmaster tools help to keep a track and maintain the presence of a website on Bing. Bing’s webmaster tools can be used on local and small business sites as well. It is a great tool to monitor the organic search performance of the site.

Why should you opt for Bing Webmaster Tools?

You do not have to necessarily sign up for Bing Webmaster Tools to be included in their search index. However, signing up for it will surely help you get a better insight into your site’s visibility on Bing so that you can optimize it and:

  • Improve your site’s rankings.
  • Enhance customer engagement.
  • Drive more sales.
  • Generate Leads.

The BWT lets you monitor as well as investigate the health of your site. It also helps you know how Bing and your customers find your site. Besides, you can also get in-depth reports which including the visitor search queries that drive traffic to your site and the click volume of these queries. Additionally, you can:

  • Keep a check on your site’s performance.
  • Know how your site is getting crawled and indexed by Bing.
  • Take down any content which you do not want Bing to index.
  • Check for potential malware or any spam problems.

All of the information mentioned above can help you know how Bing sees a site as well as its content so that you can know if any changes have to be made. For instance, imagine that you have a personal site which includes your experiences of raising a boisterous toddler. You will want to grab traffic related to your content. However, it will surely be a cause for concern if you receive all search queries capturing traffic to your website related to recipes.

In this case, you will have to address the content on your site and check where it lacks behind. Or if you have a website which ranks good but lacks in click volume, it might mean that your titles and descriptions are not good enough to drive people to click.

Here, Bing’s webmaster tool will certainly help you get a comprehensive report and analyze SEO so that you can take better decisions for optimizing the site.

An insight into Bing

Bing is known as the second largest search engine in the United States and addresses the diverse audience. As per a report by comScore, there are nearly 140 million unique searchers on Bing. This makes it around one in two American carrying out over 6 billion search queries each month on the Bing network.

Bing has around 33 percent desktop market share in the US and ranges out to nearly 1 in 45 people using mobile devices. This web search engine has expanded its market share from more than double since the time of its launch. In the United States, Bing has a reach to 66 million searchers, which do not browse on Google search engine. In the other countries, Bing has more than 20 million searches each month.

How can you Use Bing Webmaster tool With Your Website?

It does not matter if you are already using Google search Console, you can still add Bing Webmaster Tools to your site to get additional information and Bing insights. It is significant to know your chances of ranking well on Bing which can be done through Bing’s webmaster tools.

It is easy and quick to use Bing Webmasters Tools. The steps 1 and 2 mentioned below will help you get started and running while the remaining steps 3 and 4 are the optional ones, but still, are highly suggested.

Step 1: Sign into Bing Webmaster Tools:

As said above, this toolset is free and so, you can sign-up to Bing Webmaster Tools without paying any subscription fee. You can open a Bing Webmaster Tools account by using Google, Facebook or Microsoft account. Besides, you can also make a new Microsoft account while you sign up for Bing Webmaster Tools. To do this, just tap on ‘Create One’ option and make a create a Microsoft account.

Bing Signup

Step 2: Add and Verify your website:

Once you are done making a Bing Webmaster Tools account, you can now add your website to it. Just enter your website URL into the ‘Add a Site’ box and then click on ‘Add.’ Next, you will have to verify the ownership of your site. There are three methods to verify your ownership:

  1. Place an XML file on your web server: Tap on the option ‘BingSiteAuth.xml’ to save the XML file on the computer. The file consists of your private authentication code. Later, post the file on the root folder of your website that you want to add.
  2. Copy and paste a <Meta> tag in your default webpage: The displayed <Meta> tag which contains your authentication code. Next, open the default webpage of your registered website in the website development editor and then paste the code just where the <head> section. Then save as well as upload the altered default webpage which contains the new <Meta> tag.
  3. Add CNAME record to DNS: In this option, you will need to access your site’s domain hosting account. After opening the account, you will have to edit CNAME record to hold the authentication code that is provided to you by Bing. When you are done doing this, make sure that you have saved the information is properly saved.

After you have received the authentication code to your website or in the CNAME record, tap on the ‘Verify’ option. If the Bing Webmaster Tools verifies your website successfully, then you will see a green tick mark on the top of the page along with a message says that the domain is verified.

Step 3: Create as well as upload the sitemaps:

Your sitemaps are a good way to inform Bing about your site’s URLs. Bing offers support to various formats:

  1. XML Sitemap index files and XML Sitemaps.
  2. RSS 2.0.
  3. Atom 0.3 and 0.1.
  4. Text files.

You will find several tools to help create sitemaps. You can begin with the list mentioned above and opt for the product that meets your needs in the best possible way. After uploading your sitemap successfully onto the server, inform Bing about the sitemap via the Bing Webmaster Tools account. Sign into your WordPress site, and on the left side of the main Dashboard page, you will see a section that shows information related to the sitemap. You will find a “Submit a Sitemap” option below this sitemaps widget. Click on the option, enter the URL and then click on the ‘Submit’ option.

Xml Site map

Step 4: Make a search optimization plan:

Your Bing Webmaster Tools account will make it easy for you to start a search optimization plan. When you are inside the Bing Webmaster Tools, you will see two options to help you start search optimization task with ease. The first option will be under the ‘Reports & Data’ option and is called the ‘SEO Reports.’ The second option will be under the ‘Diagnostics & Tools’ option and is called ‘SEO Analyzer.’

The SEO reports function automatically on the domain that you have authenticated in your Bing Webmaster Tools account. So, you will be getting advice related to which items you need to fix for SEO roughly twice in a month, which means you will have to wait for these reports for a few days. However, the SEO Analyzer, on the other hand, is faster as it scans an individual page and makes an SEO reports in just a few seconds. Hence, you can use the tool which is convenient for you.

Hence, as you can see, Bing Webmaster Tools is easy to use and has a lot to offer. Just follow the steps mentioned above, and you will be good to go and use this toolkit on your website. You will be able to get an apt SEO analysis and take better decisions to optimize your site.

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