Benefits of Whatsapp Marketing for Business

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whatsapp Marketing

The marketers of this date are more focusing on the messenger apps. When you try to remind of the most used and popular social media sites, the first names that come to your mind include Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. But, not to forget that Whatsapp is the largest leader now that has more than 1.5 million active users every month. When it comes to listing the benefits of Whatsapp marketing to your business, here is a list of benefits that can help you understand about Whatsapp marketing in details.

How was Whatsapp invented?

When two of the employees working at Yahoo named Jan Koum and Brian Acton created a messaging app in the year 2009 and named it Whatsapp, it did not get popular instantly but took a while to spread worldwide and became the best messaging app till date. It is a free cross-platform that you can use for instant Smartphone messaging and it works on an internet connection to deliver and receive messages.

You can easily share texts, images, videos, audio clips, and other documents both small and big on Whatsapp. The app helps you to connect with yoan ur friends and family through video calls and also audio calls without any charges. It is one such messaging app that almost everyone has it in their smartphones, and it is the best alternative to the other SMS services in 109 countries worldwide.

Whatsapp has also grown across the globe as popular marketing took because of its massive reach and easy accessibility. Here it has been explained why your business should include Whatsapp marketing and how can it be helpful in growing the business.

Importance of Whatsapp marketing in business

When you look at the percentage of people who use social media apps, it is almost 80% of the people in the urban cities. Why not use social media apps for business marketing? Whatsapp has an audience of 19.3 million users until 2017 in the United States alone, and the number is going to be crossing 26 million by 2021. Facebook purchased Whatsapp in 2014 for 19 billion US Dollars. Whatsapp has not only gained popularity in the United States but it is also gaining popularity in the Asian countries, and it is giving a tough competition to the apps such as Link, WeChat, KakaoTalk, etc.

Whatsapp Marketing in Business

According to the announcements made by the mobile messaging app, there are more than 1.8 billion Whatsapp active users every month. This has proved that Whatsapp service is among the most popular and efficient messaging apps you can find across the globe. Marketing is all about considering people. A marketing platform like Whatsapp can certainly give more audience engagement as compared to any other platform. No matter whether people take a look at any other thing on their phone every day, they certainly take a glance at the messages that come to their messaging app. It is certainly the best way to market your business and reach out to maximum people at a time through Whatsapp messaging app. Here is a list of reasons that you might like to read as to why you need to include Whatsapp in the messaging strategies.

  1. Whatsapp is absolutely free, and you can reach out to millions of people without spending a penny additionally. It is available in 53 different languages, and users in 109 countries widely use it. More than 70% of the users use Whatsapp on a daily basis which is great for business marketing.
  2. The audiences that you want for your business are already on Whatsapp; you need to reach out to them. More than 92% of the messages on Whatsapp are read by the users who ensure that your message will also be given importance.
  3. When the Neilson Facebook Survey was conducted, it showed that more than 67% of the users opt for the chatting method to communicate with the businesses and prefer shopping with a brand or enterprise that they want to message separately.
  4. You can easily create Whatsapp groups on Whatsapp, and you can add as many as 256 members in one group. It is a great idea to use Whatsapp marketing for business development. It can help you reach out to an audience of all types, and you can promote all sorts of businesses on Whatsapp. You can organize events with ease if you take the help of Whatsapp.
  5. Whatsapp is best for marketing purpose because it enables you to share your ideas and proposals, business news, and promotions in a matter of seconds with thousands of people. You can send multimedia content easily on Whatsapp and share brochures, videos, links, catalogs, audios, and all types of business-related data on Whatsapp.
  6. If you use Whatsapp for business marketing, it enables you real-time direct communications with your employees, clients, or audience easily. It is the best effective way to know your audience’s reaction and interests.
  7. Whatsapp marketing as a platform is the best-preferred platform that can be used for marketing purposes by the marketers. It is the best app that can help you spread content and message instantly.

How can Whatsapp benefit your business?

When you talk about the real-time customer service, on Whatsapp, it means that customers can connect through voice calls, location tracking, chatting, and video calls as well. The app enables you to get in touch with your user or audience with direct chatting, video calling, and call to solve all sorts of queries in a few seconds. This way, your customers can connect with you with trust, and you can get along building a royal relationship.

If you don’t understand the meaning of Whatsapp web, it is basically a desktop version of Whatsapp application. To connect with your Whatsapp users on your desktop, all you need to do is open your Whatsapp app on your Smartphone.

  1. Go to the settings option and click the Whatsapp web
  2. There, you can see the Scan QR Code option, click on it
  3. Open the desktop browser on your desktop and type Whatsappweb.com
  4. Your Google search will show you a page where it will ask you the QR code
  5. Hold your phone in front of the desktop screen to scan the R code from the desktop
  6. The Whatsapp client will get you automatically connected, and you can see the entire Whatsapp page on your desktop as you see on your Smartphone.

The benefit of creating Whatsapp groups

The basic step of a Whatsapp marketing plan is to communicate with the employees, audience, or the clients. The Whatsapp groups will enable you to add up to 256 members at a time in a group where you can contact and communicate with them and discuss your business directly. You can create different groups and can interact with them directly at once without having to contact everyone individually and sending the same information. These groups are helpful if you want to organize an official event or make your products ready for sale. You can take optimum advantage of these groups to grow your business.

Whatsapp Group

Take the benefit of Cross-Platform

Marketing is about reaching out to more and more people and communicating with them. Whatsapp messaging app is a cross-platform messaging service with the help of which you can reach out to people who are not there on any social media source. The traffic analytics at Whatsapp is available on numerous third-party resources that can give you the insights into the different types of networks that are widely used in your target audience. It basically gives you the priority to adjust the strategies of your social media platforms for your ideal target audience.

Lists of broadcasts

If someone has your number saved in his or her contact list, they can see the message that you have sent to a broadcast list. If the users reply, it will appear as one-to-one interaction and not to anyone else listed in the broadcast list. The process is basically like that of what happens on twitter.




You can easily incorporate the Whatsapp messaging app as a marketing tool to improve your business. You can go through the blog properly to get the basic idea of what Whatsapp can do to your business. The Whatsapp marketing can be utilized in both small and big companies and enterprises. You need to make sure that you know the benefits of using this app because only then you can incorporate this as a marketing agenda. Digital marketing is a dynamic field where the best of the strategies are needed to enjoy the fruitful benefits of your business. Social media is not only for fun but it can also be used for multiple other purposes as well, and the best way to use them is for business marketing. This way, you not only reach out to maximum people but also they are free. You can learn social media and digital marketing skills to begin with the competition online and enhance your marketing strategies.

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