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Advanced Keyword Research Strategy for SEO in 2018

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You are assured of one thing that the strategies of SEO are available in various forms. These strategies keep changing as the aim of approach s will keep varying by what the business or website is requiring addressing for making the site complete. However, the strategies can be categorized into the following categories or principles:

  • Technical focused.
  • Content-driven.
  • Brand-centric.

However, why is it important for making investments in such strategies when there are many channels available that you can use and within the realm of digital marketing? Firstly, Search Engine Optimization is one among very powerful channels of marketing that are meant for businesses as the practice mostly target individuals who are in need of any service, product or information by using a search engine.

The key strategy that has to be stressed upon is to identify the most valued keywords and structure conversion – optimized and readable pages around them. The web pages that you design can have static landing format or content that are more of thought leadership like white pares, blogs, compendiums, and reports. Apart from all the aspects, they need to focus in a succinct and clear manner on the fixed target keywords and add it in the heading of the page.

Such strategy makes the most appropriate sense to almost all marketers. Still there lingers an inevitable question which evolves from it. Provided with the nearly infinite number of important keywords for most of the businesses, how you make the choices regarding which one to make pages around.

In this fast growing world, making a unique page to be published for every single keyword that someone can bring revenue for your entire business is a very good idea. It is obvious that limited resources can make this nearly impossible; however, before you get the feasible solution, you need to understand the complete scope of the varying number of webpages every business could use in a theoretical manner.

Why is Search Engine Optimization very important for business success?

It has become very clear that having the right understanding of Search Engine Optimization is very important for increasing the brand awareness and traffic to your website. As hundreds of individuals are seeking content in the same manner as you do, you can simply assist them by turning into a Search engine optimization expert.

By the information relayed by HubSpot, 80 percent of traffic of a website starts with a search query. This is where the impotence of search engine optimization comes. Being at the top of search engine optimization requires a great deal of experimentation and research. The algorithms of Google are updated on a constant basis to remain tuned regarding the latest news.

By considering this fact along with having a regular practice, you can become self-sustaining Search engine optimization expert. It has been reported that people all over the world tend to use Google for conducting more than 3.6 million searches. 78 percent of people in the United States happen to use the internet for making a reach on the services and products before making any purchase.

After your site starts o get ranking in the first pages of search results of Google, you shall gain more visibility. This denotes the fact that you shall get more traffic, increased conversations and ultimately, increased revenue. It is very important to be on the first page of the search results by Google as 75 percent of people do not visit after the first page.

The initial three results of the organic search get almost 60 percent of the entire traffic come from any search. The leads that result from any online search have around 15 percent close rate as compared to the 1.7 percent coming from the channels such as direct advertising on email or print advertisement.

Structuring of the ranking and keywords

The best solution to the never-ending keywords issues is to get the best rank for your website by their possibility of getting ranked and their real value to your company. You can then go down to create the keywords list and make as many customs wrote and excellent pages as you possibly can regarding every keyword. You have to do this by knowing that you can generate more leads from using these strategies in the initial 8 to 12 months which will further justify the upcoming years of creating more pages.

Some advanced strategies for keyword research

  1. Define the bullseye keywords meant for your industry

A bullseye keyword is the kind of keyword which is one typed buy any customer who is most likely to buy your products or service. You can decide the bullseye keywords that are more relevant for your industry. For example, keywords for a closet company can be “cheapest closet selling company”.

If your business happens to be based locally, you can include your location in the target or bullseye keyword. If your company is nationalized company but individuals search within their vicinity of geographical area, you can include the bets lucrative markets in your locality in the list that you make for bullseye keywords.

  1. Expand your list of keywords which are similar or related to the target or bullseye keywords

You can expand the bullseye keyword for directing more traffic towards your site. Taking the example of the closet company, here are some kinds of expansion of the bullseye keywords. Some examples are:

  • Best closet company.
  • Best closet firm.
  • Closet company in the city.
  • Company offering best closets.

Every keyword that you design will have it spate landing page, hence, this will determine the number of web pages landing you shall be creating.

Score all your keywords

You need to build around two scores for every keyword .the first score refers to the closeness or vicinity to the bullseye. This further denotes to the transactional extent that every keyword is. The second would denote to the ease of the keywords to rank on Google. You can then add the numbers and create the order of the lists right from the highest score to the lowest score.

Determine which kind of landing webpages would create the most appropriate homes for all of your keywords. Among the wide range of varieties of landing webpages, which pages would be the best carriers for you regarding the purpose of creating content around the specific keywords? In different words, you need to decide on your content strategy. Below are some of the most commonly used kinds of landing webpages:

  • Industry.
  • Product or service.
  • Type of client (commercial, government and residential).
  • Use cases.
  • Geographic area.
  • Case studies.
  • Issues and solutions/FAQ.
  • Closet business content.

In order to keep the web pages structured; you need to select 1 to 4 landing pages kinds in order to publish on the business websites. More than 4 pages would be overwhelming from logical perception. You can even stick to one at the initial stage, which may likely be a blog. However, it would be feasible to have any versatile content strategy similar to the following:

You can have monthly publication such as:

  • 4 landing pages that are geo-targeted in a section of “Areas we provide service.”
  • 4 landing pages that are industry related in the section of “Industries we provide service.”
  • 4 number of blog entries.

Assign different keywords on the landing pages list

For instance, if you are choosing to use the above content strategy, you might select the 4 keywords mentioned below for the allocation of first month of 4 geo-targeted pages for landing.

  1. Closet selling company San Francisco.
  2. Closet selling company firm are bay.
  3. Closet company San Francisco.
  4. Closet company area bay.

Enhance the sparkle of your content

After you have created your content for every page, it is important for you to imagine what any searcher was seeking for when they put that phrase into the search engine of Google. For some individuals who typed, “closet custom designer providence” mostly seeks a page that presents local providence business which has beautiful images of different closets.

An individual who searched by typing “what kind of closets are available in the local area?” mostly wants a brief and clear explanation of all the varieties of designs that are available in the closet company in the locality which will also include the name of your company. Do not make attempts for pitching people – provide them what they are exactly seeking for.

That is the most engaging part of the entire conversation; if you happen to sell them way too early, they can simply bounce off the landing page. However, after you have engaged any user, you need to make a call of action by showing them your entire page. They would find all the information that they were seeking for. If you implement these strategies with care, you can have increased the traffic to your website.

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