A Simple Guide to Effective Mobile App Marketing

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Launching an app can be recommended for any business in modern times. The prime purpose behind this is to provide personalized solution to the potential customers. But, as almost every single business owner is planning to have own app for its business, standing out in such a crowd sometimes becomes difficult. This is why effective app marketing is considered important. On this context, given below is a simple guide for effective mobile application marketing.

Plan early, while it is being developed

One of the blunders many people commit is that they plan about marketing only after the application is developed. Problem with such strategies is that sometimes their marketing strategy doesn’t fall in concurrence with the product’s functionality. Hence, it is simple but most important advice that one should think about marketing from the development stage as well.

The real Branding

Most people are actually confused about the term Branding. These people consider branding is simply highlighting the company name or product. But, more than the product or the company, branding is rather about making the message reach millions, which distinguishes the products from the other. Once people got this message, remembering the brand name is never a big deal. Moreover, the design, the logo, the banners, etc. should be in accordance with the theme or message. Especially, the download page should have been designed with utmost perfection. Along with the most eloquently posted screenshots, it is important to write the app description in the most creative fashion.

Keyword research:

Just like online marketing or ecommerce marketing, keyword holds relevance for mobile application marketing too. The keyword is crucial as this is the phase through which a user would get to know about the purpose or functionality of your app. The keyword selected is not necessary to have the name of the app; but, it is important to have the concerned niche it belongs to. After all, a user will search about the best apps in the concerned niche; not the app’s name directly. Keyword game is different from that of the branding as a keyword is moreover about knowing what people are looking for; on the other hand, branding is about making a product and its idea reach the millions; even prior they think.

A competitor can be helpful in many ways:

Once the keywords are sorted out, figuring out the competitors becomes the next task. The advantage of figuring out the competitors is that it makes things easy to screen out the other set of relevant keywords. Finding out these keywords and their ranking makes the marketing process even more streamlined. For example, if you launched a game app, you will first list the keywords used for searching the games, then you will go specific about the specific category, and ultimately select a few keywords to target. Next, you get to know about the competition level for each keyword and find out the most successful app that uses that keyword. Gradually you will manage to find out different combinations of short and long tail keywords, and target in accordance.

Observe the performance:

Reputation matters a lot for the mobile apps. People actually take the present performance of the app seriously. Hence, any downfall should be addressed immediately as possible. It is thus advised to constantly check the performance of the app through the help of an effective application analytic program. This can help you in giving reports of the performance of your application consistently enough. These reports the well-researched charts and search engine rankings as well. Needles are to say that the information of such is always crucial to prepare an online strategy.

Most effective review marketing:

Anyone up for mobile app marketing should thoroughly understand that the reviews matter a lot for the apps. People take these reviews seriously. These reviews can be the most effective way of developing brand awareness as well. Reviews are the best ways of discovering the most loyal customer for your product. People compare your reviews with that of the others prior taking any final decision. Hence, it is recommended to have the reviews written most creatively. You should ask everyone who downloads the app to leave his/her review. Especially, if your app is not free, you should bank on with your positive reviews.

Social media:

Getting a client through the positive review is considered the most organic way of marketing. Hence, the first step that you should take is to let the app reviewed and the review to be published on the top websites, media outlets, etc. Social media promotion holds a lot of value in this context as well. You should have an explicit social media page for your product on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Taking part in forums or facebook groups and promoting your product there is another effective way of finding the loyal customer as people over these forums and groups are often genuinely interested in these things. Apart from promoting your app straightway, you should try to solve their queries, and introduce your product or leave your download link through the process in a smart way.

How valuable are the landing pages, and how these should be designed

Having a fascinating web landing page is equally important as of developing the app creatively. After all, most of the traffic or the potential clients you generate through keyword research would move towards the search engine to know more about the product. And, they reach your website through the search engine outcome. The impression that they get through your website becomes decisive for them. Therefore, it is important to have the site designed in the most attractive and informative fashion. The site has to be a responsive site (equally effective for a smartphone as well as desktop platforms) as you never know through which platform a user would prefer landing your page. And, after landing, the first destination they visit is the home page of your site. Hence, the home page needs to be informative enough and attractive. Above all, it should be having a tutorial video along with other related videos. Not just that these videos help the visitor in knowing about your product better, but also relevant from the search engine point of view. A well-optimised video on your homepage can sky rocket the number of visitors to your site. It’s a proven strategy, and moreover, it’s pretty much a one-time-execute strategy that can give you enduring output.

How can the paid promotion are saving your budget

It is almost impossible to skip the paid promotion strategies. For better convenience, you should take help of mobile advertisement tracking tools. These tools can be helpful by letting you know about the number of downloads those have been generated through the paid platforms. In fact, it also informs about the geographical location of the potential customers, age groups, etc., which talks a lot about their preference. Naturally, it gets easier to come up with more streamlined marketing strategies.

Priority should always be on organic promotions. But, these paid tools or tracking tools are also essential as you have to exist in the market on a longer run, for which you have to have a close eye on the changing scenarios. For example, if the average age of your user group for your app is 15-20 years, and you are getting the substantial user from a particular geographical location today, may not happen tomorrow as the age wise statistics differ time to time art different locations. A tracking tool can be helpful in giving you such crucial marketing data. You don’t need to pay huge amounts to any market research company for such data.

Develop attention fetching icon

Most people don’t understand, but a quintessentially developed icon can easily fetch a lot of attraction. As explained above, thousands of application a visitor genuinely finds at an application store or marketplace. In most cases, the one that looks catchy gets clicked. After all, a catchy icon gives the user that slight nod against the competitor, which becomes decisive later for getting bought. Icon designing is no fun these days; marketers spend a significant amount to get the best design they desire.

Email marketing should never be ignored:

No matter how much importance you pay for the social media marketing, keyword research, etc., the traditional strategies like email marketing still hold the equal level of relevance. In fact, it can be claimed that email marketing works for the apps better than the others. Email marketing is something that gives you the most accurate client. An email subscriber can be the most enduring client for any product. Starting from introducing about the latest updates to let them know about the most recent product in the same segment, successfully executed email marketing can give you the most effective output. However, it is important to have in mind at the same time that email marketing is not a one-time affair. One needs to be consistent enough in email marketing. Especially for app marketing, specifically during its initial launch, you should consistently send sheets and other marketing materials.  These promotional sheets need to be creative and informative at the same time, to ensure the client clicks it; instead of ignoring.

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